How Can I Reach the JavaScript Code of a Website?

JavaScript is the magic wand that transforms static web pages into dynamic, interactive experiences. Whether you’re a budding developer, a cybersecurity enthusiast, or just plain curious, there are several ways to access and view the JavaScript code that powers a website.

Browser’s Inspect Element Feature

Right-Click and Inspect

The easiest way to sneak a peek at a website’s JavaScript code is through your web browser’s “Inspect Element” feature. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Website: Open the web page where you want to view the JavaScript code.
  2. Right-Click: Find an element close to the area where you think the JavaScript effect is applied, right-click on it, and choose “Inspect” or “Inspect Element.”
  3. View Code: In the developer tools pane that opens, navigate to the “Elements” tab, and from there you can find the JavaScript code often referenced in <script> tags.


  • This method may only show inline JavaScript or links to external JavaScript files. To view the actual external JavaScript, you will have to navigate to that link.

Using Browser Developer Tools

Chrome Developer Tools and Firefox Developer Edition

For more advanced users or detailed investigation, browser developer tools like Chrome’s DevTools or Firefox’s Developer Edition offer a plethora of options.

  1. Open Developer Tools: Use F12 or Cmd+Opt+I (Mac) / Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows) to open the developer tools.
  2. Navigate to Sources Tab: Find the “Sources” tab where all the JavaScript files loaded on the page will be listed.
  3. Select and View: Select the JavaScript file you want to examine. You can also debug and set breakpoints here for a closer inspection.

Advanced Techniques

  • You can use the “Network” tab to view JavaScript files as they are loaded in real time.
  • The “Console” tab allows you to execute JavaScript code snippets.

Fetching Code via URL

Direct Access Method: Sometimes the JavaScript code is hosted on an external server and fetched dynamically. In such cases, you can find the URL of the JavaScript file in the “Elements” or “Sources” tab of your developer tools. Copy that URL and paste it into a new browser tab to view the code.

Wget or Curl: If you’re comfortable with the command line, you can also use wget or curl to fetch the JavaScript files directly.

wget [URL of the JavaScript file]


curl [URL of the JavaScript file]

Additional Resources


Accessing a website’s JavaScript code is an enlightening experience that provides insight into the site’s functionality and design. Whether you use simple browser features or more advanced developer tools, the knowledge you gain can serve multiple purposes, including learning, debugging, and security auditing. So go ahead, take that deep dive into the code, and discover what makes your favorite websites tick!


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